Shepherd’s Rest campsite started in 2019 and lots of visitors now come and enjoy a slice of green rest and relaxation too! Our guests appreciate our wildlife friendly approach and many have asked about how they could contribute to our project… so we have come up with the idea of Plant a Tree.

Our Plant a Tree scheme offers you the chance to make a £2.50 contribution when booking to go towards off-setting the carbon generated by your holiday. For every 10 carbon off-set contributions, we will plant a tree or shrub right here at Lamins Farm during the bare root season (November to February) and protect it from predation during its establishment. While we will be planting young trees for better establishment, when they mature, they can absorb over 20kg of carbon dioxide a year, greatly helping towards reversing climate change.

Over the next few years, we aim to plant a variety of native trees and hedging such as hornbeam, birch, oak, wild roses and cherries along with fruiting trees and shrubs, which will include apples, along with berry producing species like elder, blackthorn (sloe), rowan and currants. These will all be managed organically, some produce will be harvested and some will be left for the wildlife to eat over the winter, providing a wild café.

There will be regular photos and updates on the website and Facebook pages, and you will be able to walk round and enjoy the new areas when you stay here. Take some time for yourself and absorb the greenness and positivity of a growing environment. Your contribution will make a difference to the environment, both here and worldwide!

If you would like more information or wish to make an additional or increased contribution towards the project, please speak to Alison or Mark during your stay.

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