Welcome to Shepherd’s Rest Campsite

We hope you have a wonderful stay with us. To help make your time here as relaxing as possible for you and other guests please read through and abide with the following Campsite Rules, if you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to ask… we will be happy to help you.

Campsite Rules

Check-in times

Shepherd’s Huts 4pm – 9pm
Motorhomes & Tents 2pm – 8pm

Please phone us on 07548 203430 on arrival and we will come and meet you.

Check-out times

Shepherd’s Huts 11am
Motorhomes & Tents 11am

A later check-out time may be available, please ask a member of staff when you arrive or during your stay

Arrival or departure outside of these times is only by prior arrangement – if you are running late for your arrival time, please telephone to advise us on 07548 203430.

Sorry No Pets allowed

Party groups please email us with your enquiry, but we don’t permit stag or hen parties.

Quiet time on site 11pm – 8am

So everyone can enjoy a relaxed time, please be considerate of others, young and not so young. This means loud conversation, children and music, car/motorbike noise. During the day, please refrain from making any noise that may unduly disturb other campers or our neighbours.

Set up of your tent – We will let you know your pitch number and you can use a wheelbarrow at the side of the car park to transport your gear easily, you cannot drive on to the site. Please leave 6m between tents. Be careful of setting guy ropes where there may be a trip hazard and do not tie them to any fences. If you are staying for more than a week, you may be asked to move your tent to fresh grass within the pitch. We don’t allow generators.

Set up of your motorhome – On arrival please phone and we will let you know your pitch number. Please leave 6m between units.  All the pitches are grass without EHU (electric hook up). We do not allow generators on site. Vehicles must be under 6m in length and no commercial vehicles are allowed.

Children The sound of children’s laughter is a delight, however screaming and out of control children are not. Please make sure that your children respect other campers, property and the facilities. They must be supervised at all times, no playing in or around the car park, shepherd’s huts (if not staying in them) or facility buildings. No climbing on fences or gates.

Respect all other guests, buildings, site and facilities and the wider farm, wildlife and environment. Litter will not be tolerated. All farm gates must remain closed.

Cleaning times (facilties, shower, toilets and refuse area) 12 noon, all facilities will be closed for around 1Hr. We also check all facilities each evening.

Please leave all facilities in the condition you would like to find them in! If any building needs attention or supplies have run out, please let us know. All buildings have a step on the way in/out, so please be aware of this and make sure children are supervised. Some buildings have door latches, so younger children should be supervised. In damp conditions, be aware that floors may be slippery. Low energy lights are in each building, switch off after use. Do not leave personal items in the shared facilities.

The washing up area on site is for you to wash up your dishes, charge your phone (we have free lockable charging lockers available with a small deposit). Do not wash cooking fat down the sink, this will cause blockages, scrape instead into the general waste bin. DO NOT COOK IN THE BUILDINGS AS IT COULD BE A FIRE RISK! There is a hairdryer, please don’t use your own. Fire extinguisher, fire blanket and fire notice all in the kitchen. The door will be closed overnight, but if you need access, please open, but make sure the door is closed again afterwards with the bolt.

The Shower Cabins are unisex. There are only the two showers on site, so please do not spend too long in them. Doors must be left shut.

The Toilet Cabins are unisex. They are connected to a septic tank system, so please be careful about what you flush away and read and comply with the information sign in each building. Make sure every member of your party understands. Doors must be left shut.

Re-cycling and refuse should be separated as much as possible and put into the bins provided in the washing up area & car park. Nappies should be bagged before disposal in the general waste bin. We suggest using two refuse bags in your tent, one for re-cycling (not glass) and one for general waste. This will make our refuse process much easier. We have to take glass off-site, so please make sure glass bottles/jars go only in the appropriate glass bins (car park). Do not leave any refuse bags outside your tent as this will attract wildlife and please make sure the area is kept tidy.

If larger items are damaged e.g. camping chairs, airbeds, tents, please take these home with you.

Car Park please park considerately of other users, no playing and no cooking/sleeping in vehicles.
All cars remain in the car park, you are not permitted to drive on to the camping field.
Wheelbarrows and bins are provided for your use at the side of the car park. Please return wheelbarrows to their original place when you have finished using them to help set up.

Safety No cycling on the campsite. Younger children can play ball games on the campsite away from buildings, tents and the car park. There is a playing field in Foulden village with a large field and play equipment, this has a car parking area and is accessed from Kerrigan Way. Depending on the length of the grass in the field beside the campsite, it may be possible for older children to play ball games, fly kites etc. at some points in the year, please ask Alison or Mark.
Please don’t allow your children to play with/in the wheelbarrows.
Use a torch when going to the facilities at night time and be careful of tent guy ropes and steps. No climbing on gates/fencing and be careful of hedging canes/tree stakes.

Smoking or vaping is not permitted in any building on site. Please ensure that all rubbish is cleared away into bins in the car park.

Breakages please report any breakages, defects or failures to a member of staff as soon as noticed.

Drones are not permitted anywhere on the farm or site.

Metal detecting is not permitted anywhere on farm or  site.

Dark Skies we are lucky to be in a Dark Sky area and have great visibility of the night sky. While you are welcome to decorate your tent with fairy lights or solar lights near the entrance, please make sure these are turned off by 11pm so that everyone can enjoy uninterrupted dark sky. No flashing lights please. Turn off the lights on in the facility buildings after use. Remember your torch so you can walk round safely at night.

Farm access we normally have horses, sheep, pigs and chickens on our small farm. If you would like to see the animals, it’s best if you come round with us when we are checking them either in the morning or late afternoon. This is safer as animals can be unpredictable and all access is at your own risk. We also use electric fencing. It is very important that you do not feed the animals and that gates remain closed. Please ask Alison if your party would like to meet the animals and we can arrange a mutually convenient time, you will also get closer to them by doing this and may be able to help feeding/grooming etc.

No entry into the barn or other farm buildings. Be aware that we may be operating the tractor and other farm equipment, no access on the fields will be possible during that time.

Day-to-day please comply with any verbal or written directions by campsite staff.

Fire Safety and general safety

Fire safety equipment is positioned at various places on the campsite, please see familiarise yourself with the site plan and Fire Notice in the camp kitchen.

Tents should be a minimum of 6m apart from each other.

Fire pits/BBQs fire pits & BBQ’s must be kept well away from the buildings & tents and consider wind direction can change rapidly blowing smoke into you neighbours pitch.

We hire large, quality fire pits and sell fire pit supplies on site. All hire fire pits are supplied with a thick concrete slab to reduce damage to grass. Please see separate sheet for hiring details.

Fires are not permitted unless in a fire pit or similar, and positioned on a slab. Do not position near to any fencing or tents. If it’s windy or extremely dry, don’t light a fire and please be mindful that your fire pit could cause smoke into another hut or pitch, so be considerate. Do not leave fires unattended or allow children too close. Be immediately aware of sparks and any threats of fire spreading, use water or the fire bucket/extinguisher if necessary. All fires/cooking is at your own risk.

We only permit burning of dried wood, preferably hardwood, which can be purchased on site or brought with you. No foraging or burning of “found wood” on the farm or surrounding areas, pallets/waste wood is not permitted. Douse with water or sand when leaving the pitch or going to bed. Never light a fire or cook in your tent.

Allow the firepit to cool down overnight before emptying ash into the special ash bin in the car park. Scorched pitch surfaces may be subject to a small charge to pay for re-seeding.

The use of Disposable BBQs are not permitted on site, no exceptions.

Gas cooking stoves and other appliances Please use on your own table or, if cooking at ground level, use a concrete slab, these are provided free of charge and located in the car park. Do not place cooking pans onto the grass when hot as they burn the grass.

Safe use of lights/lamps do not use naked flame lights, candles, paper lanterns anywhere on site.


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